16 ProBARians Honored at Years of Service Event

Photo of celebrants at ProBAR's Year of Service celebration

At the end of August, ProBAR joined the rest of the ABA in celebrating colleagues who have amplified our mission for 5 and 10 years, respectively.  Sixteen staff members were honored whose combined work totals 95 years of service in “orchestrating justice,” as ABA Commission on Immigration Director, Meredith Linsky, poetically noted in her remarks. 

One celebrant, Sandra Barcenas Jacinto, reflected on her journey with ProBAR which began over five years ago.  Sandra currently works with children and their sponsors as a Senior Release Support Associate. Before coming to ProBAR, she spent some time working in a manufacturing plant in Matamoros, Mexico, along the US-Mexico border.  At the plant, she rose from entry level work on the plant floor to administration after completing her studies.  Then, in 2018, Sandra made the brave career transition into the immigration space. 

Upon joining the ProBAR team, Sandra notes that mentorship from supervisors who believed in her, and her abilities to connect with children and adults, were key in her development. “When I started at ProBAR, taking calls at the front desk, I was nervous as English is my second language. However, I had great mentors. Everyone helped me when I needed it.  I feel like I am growing alongside ProBAR:  I shared a small office when I started but now, we are in the new building and have many more people working toward reaching the organization’s goals. ProBAR gave me the opportunity to learn and grow with the office. I love interacting with the children and their sponsors. Estoy muy agradecida. (I am very grateful.)” 

As a token of appreciation, celebrants were given a glass plaque that highlighted their years of service, flowers, and a personal gift from the ABA online store. This was ProBAR’s second time participating in the ABA’s Years of Service event, and we look forward to celebrating more dedicated individuals in the years to come. And thanks to dedicated staff making tremendous contributions to our mission, there will be much to celebrate! ¡Adelante!  

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