A Look into ProBAR’s Summer 2023 Law Student Fellowships 


A ProBAR law student fellowship, as we refer to our legal internship opportunities, has shaped the paths of the many law students who have joined our team. During Summer 2023, ProBAR was excited to implement a paid law student fellowship program for the first time, and five law students studying at institutions across the country joined our team in the Rio Grande Valley. This 10-week program offered our fellows a unique opportunity to hone skills for the practice of law alongside our team of advocates at the U.S.-Mexico border. 

Itzia Paulina Cumes Irurita, now a 2L law student at the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras, shared some reflections on her fellowship experience shortly after its conclusion. Here is what she had to say: 

“While working at ProBAR, I was able to observe lawyers, research challenging topics, and work with other like-minded law student fellows. I had the chance to get hands-on experience while shadowing lawyers and meet so many clients from a wide variety of places, each with a unique backstory. At ProBAR, I felt like I was part of one great big team — each player with a unique and equally important part in making things happen.” 

“Future ProBAR fellows can expect to gain opportunities to meet so many different lawyers with different styles in their line of work. Opportunities to utilize the resources ProBAR has to research, learn, and grow can be expected as well. Like me, they’ll also get the chance to experience the Rio Grande Valley through a very unique perspective.”  

“My overall experience this past summer has allowed me to discover new things within law and within myself. I can now see myself working within immigration and am grateful for places like ProBAR. I am grateful to all the lawyers I met, especially to the ones who took the time to meet with me, talk with me, teach me things, and encourage me to continue onward with my educational journey. I am grateful for every single person I met while working at ProBAR. I am ultimately grateful for this unforgettable experience.”  

As Paulina shared, working alongside our team has the potential to be life changing. We invite law students to apply to build their skills alongside our team in the RGV next summer. ProBAR’s Children’s and Adult Team fellowship job postings are now live on Dayforce, and we are excited to build our Summer 2024 Cohort.  

For more information: https://bit.ly/3LxN8Pl  

To apply: https://bit.ly/3EYv5xP 

Collage of photos documenting the experiences of a 2023 Summer Law Student Fellow.
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