Supplies for the Journey Ahead


A recent donation has put a spotlight on the tremendous impact collaboration can make!

As people served by ProBAR are released from federal custody while awaiting removal proceedings, ProBAR staff offer information and support to help them safely reach their destinations. Our donor’s generous in-kind contributions of basic hygiene items, clothing, and related items will afford us the necessary resources to also provide crucial supplies for their travel.

Release Support Director Nancy Garcia shares her gratitude for this support:

“ProBAR wants clients to feel a sense of comfort by providing them with essential items that will help them during their journey out of the Rio Grande Valley.  Most clients have no way of communicating with loved ones.  Thanks to these generous contributions, our team can provide vulnerable young adults and families with a cell phone to help ease their fears, a jacket to help them fight inclement weather, and a backpack for them to carry their belongings with ease.”

With the support of generous donors, together we can provide clients in challenging situations with the resources they need to continue moving forward.

If you are interested in supporting ProBAR’s mission of empowering immigrants and asylum-seekers, please consider donating today:

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